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'magic golfball': Sent by joe appleton
one day i was playing a round of golf with my mates,on the first tee i said to them" hey guys ive got a magic golf ball thats impossible to lose", no way,they said prove it,okay i said and promptly drove it into the deep rough,we walked knee deep into said rough and heard a high pitched beep coming from my ball,i walked up to it and picked it it.next tee i drove it deep into the woods amongst bracken and fallen leaves where it was quite dark,we walked in and there was a bright light shining from my ball,i walked straight to it and picked it up.well my mates were astounded,"we want one" i will pay anything please tell us where to get one from,so i replied i would tell you if i knew but i found this one!!!!!!! {think about it.!!}
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