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22/03/2014 - Sent by i.steen
  we play regular at Millfield and over the years have seen a drop of standards on the main course,the tees are terrible,some times only marked with an old piece of painted branch,all of the flags need replacing,and why do we have to be asked if we have spikes and collars and our own clubs everytime(when you can see we do)then go out to play to see loads of people playing without such things?sometimes rude service at the counter,theres never any sand in the bunkers,i know its cheap to play,but you wouldnt want to pay more than they charge now.

16/06/2011 - Sent by darrell ford
  just got back from another brilliant week at millfield.many thanks to everyone, collin ,sue, clare, and a big special thankyou to sheena. see you all next year

15/06/2011 - Sent by dave bowen
  Brilliant place for a weekend away with the golfing buddies.we've been here for the last 13 years and never had any probs apart from the 1st year which was double booked in the same name to which the owner booked us into the local bed and breakfast at no extra cost to us.from then on we have enjoyed every.year since.the course isn't pga standard but good quality links type and the water course is a challenge in its self,overall a briil place to go and for the money side of it its unbelievable..

12/01/2010 - Sent by Janice Kinge
  Have just booked this years golf, looking forward to our break, lovely course and accomadation as well and staff are very helpful.

11/06/2008 - Sent by dean freeland
  Absolutely brilliant place to begin to learn to play golf. you can progress through the three courses, starting on the 9-hole through the the intermediate course and then onto the millfield top course. 9-hole is just 2 all day long

08/06/2007 - Sent by darrell ford
  just arrived home after a superb week at Millfield. good accommodation, helpfull staff, great value for money. looking forward to next year already. to all at Millfeild thank you.

07/05/2003 - Sent by Vic Leer
  A very interesting course. The first hole off the white tees is a very challenging dog leg which requires a straight drive and a difficult approach shot to the green with dangers lurking on each side of the green. Millfield is a deceptively difficult course with most greens running away from the approach shot. The inexpensive green fee is very good value and the course is well worth a visit.

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