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23/08/2013 - Sent by paul
  it gets a bit boring after a while and not much of a challenge and only two par 3 on our course which was disappointing.After about hole 13 the lady from the office arrived on her buggy asking us to play faster she said she had a phone call from some miserable sod about our slow play but not once was there anyone behind us waiting to play a shot.Obviously four balls (our party)are going to be slightly slower than people playing on their own or the people using the electric buggys.On the knotty hill website it says the are a friendly club and offer a warm welcome to all it also says practice and play in relaxed surroundings which is a damn lie.We were so incensed after this rude woman approached us that our game fell to bits and it put a sour taste in our mouths .We certainly won't return to this course and i certainly wouldn't recommend it to any of our friends.

17/02/2008 - Sent by chris
  I have played Knotty Hill a few times now, A & B is very boring and easy. C & D is short on yards but a very enjoyable course with twisty holes and scenic views.
The little man who works on the reception desk,who is known as Ken.. I found him to be very pompous indeed. Other than that give it a go..........For 12 a round you won't find a better deal.

07/08/2002 - Sent by Gary Mason(Willington.Co Durham)
  I recently visited In August 2002 .It was very misty on the morning we played.

We played the a & b coarses and although we didnt know where we were going it was quite enjoyable.

The green could have been cut & swished a bit earlierThe b coarse was a bit boring and not alot of obstacles.

It was quite easy but i enjoyed it.

Well worth the twelve pound fee.

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